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 Yoga Classes and Karate Classes in the Swansea Area                                         Anne Hughes


Meditation Relaxation and Gentle Yoga Class are now incorporated into the Wednesday and Friday yoga classes  Swansea  held at Birchgrove Community Centre Swansea


Learn the art of relaxation to find inner peace-- Learn to live in the moment Start the week with a fresh clear mind and relaxed body

All the yoga Classes will include-- Learning how to breath correctly, Gentle stretches to help relax the body, Guided Relaxation  and Guided Meditation.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat, blanket and bottle of water

Meditation fulfills many functions its an excellent way to relax , so it has a beneficial impact on our health and well being.

Meditation ia a very good method of clearing the mind , to give us sharper focus and greater clarity of thought, it enables us to be detached in the right way and takes focus off our immediate reactions, it teaches us tolerance after time you will find that you are not getting upset or angry by everyday events and you react to situations in a much calmer way.

One of the purposes of meditation is to be able to stop thinking and return to the present moment awareness, thinking takes you into the past and future , meditation brings you back to the here and now.

Just to be relaxed each day is enormously valuable for our health therefore meditation is vital for healing, practicing meditation is like building good health , it takes time and effort.

The benefits of meditation ripple through everything we do, it is to have more energy, to be healthier, to think and work more efficiently and most importantly to enjoy life more.

Meditation brings us down to earth , it puts us in touch with the sensations of our bodies , when the mind is clear ,strong and tranquil it often throws up buried memories and emotions ,allowing them to be acknowledged and cleared, becoming more emotionally balanced , more centred you feel inner peace because you have learnt to let your emotions arise and flow away without any worries or fear.





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