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Millie Youngs  recommends Yoga Classes in Swansea Wales.

Never thought I’d be one for yoga, but after my first session with Ann I had never felt so relaxed in all my life. The group I go to are so lovely and you are never made to feel like you’re unable as everyone is capable of doing different things! Such a lovely experience even if I do ache (in a good way) the next day


This Lady has been teaching me yoga for the last 6 months in swansea , she is great and it is great , give  it a try especially the men , who have the most benefit by Richard Clarke May 2015


I have  really benefited from the yoga classes, I know it is doing me good , you are an excellent practioner Annie by Jo Fowler 2015


I have worked with quite a few teachers over the years and i think you really have got what it takes,you are so in tune with everyone and always know when to push someone and when to hold back, you are a gifted teacher and healer and i am so grateful that our paths have crossed  by Margerite 2015


From comments from friends who attend yoga classes Annie your classes are in a league of their own,the addition of mindfulness and meditation is fab thank you. by LeanneStephens  2015


Please dont stop yoga it has helped me deal with long suffering depression , my life has changed for the better and it is mostly down to your classes Thank you ( anonomous) 2015

I love my yoga time  Thank you by Liz Mann 2015






A lovely review i received from the champions soccer academy llandarcy febuary 2016

Hi Annie,  "Annie, our coaches, parents and players can't speak highly enough of your Yoga Practice with our players.

To come and deliver Yoga sessions on a Football Programme is no mean feat.   The players are here to play Football, so there is sometimes some work to do to engage them in something 'different'.    You accomplish this easily and masterfully with a down-to-earth and loving manner that the boys clearly respond to...

Our coaches, especially Huw Lloyd, can't get enough of the Yoga either.  In fact, I think Lloydy must be your star pupil!

We always look for two things when selecting coaches to come in and deliver on our 'Elite Weeks':

1. Subject knowledge and Teaching Skills

2. An ability to inspire our children to be more.

You tick both boxes for us.

Thanks for your dedicatation and quality work which is adding value to our players lives. making them more aware of their bodies and more confident in themselves."

Frankie burrows

Founder & Director of The Champion's Soccer Academy, Swansea

Annes yoga classes are brilliant. She has a very good knowledge of yoga and is very good at getting it accross, Somehow she manages to get the best out of everyone whether they are a beginner of yoga or  have some experience of yoga. she knows when to push you and when to let you develop at your own pace. I have recently moved to the area and have practiced yoga for many years but I can honestly say Iearn something new in every class and seem to be progressing although I am in my sixties. I would recommend this yoga class to anyone whateve age or ability,  my yoga is the highlight of my week ,  it is great  Marguerite Angeles        May 2011

Mindfulness Hatha Yin style  Yoga Classes and Karate Classes in the Swansea Area   with Anne Hughes

Testimonials and Feedback from Students

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