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Yoga Classes Yin yoga  and Hatha yoga in the Swansea Area with Anne Hughes


Yoga classes on monday evenings at 6.15pm at bungies gym and wednesday evenings at 7.30pm at birchgrove community centre and at 10.00 at birchgrove community centre 

The yoga classes cover a more holistic approach to yoga  which is a style which utilizes your own body awareness of your breath and how you connect to the ground beneath you.  You become more aware of your posture ,the tensions you hold and your habital patterns of stressors and strains. With new awareness you will explore different ways of moving, sitting and standing which are more easy on the body.

Know your body -Know your mind -Experience your soul through holistic yoga 

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What is Yoga

Yoga is known to be a way of life, a system of education for the body, mind and spirit

The word yoga is classicaly translated as union or oneness. It is drawing together of mind and body, heart and actions, which intergrate all parts of ourselves to become one with our higher self. Yoga is believed to have originated in India thousands of years ago.

 Why do Yoga

Hatha yoga balances mind, body and spirit using stretching, relaxation and breathing techniques. yoga lets you tune in ,chill out and shape up all at the same time. Yoga helps control anxiety, asthma, blood pressure, depression and arthritis.  Improves muscle tone, flexibiliy strength and stamina. Reduces stress and tension, Improves concentration and creative ability.Improves circulation, stimulates the Immune system and endocrine systems. Creates a sense of well being and calm

 Breathing ( Pranayama)

Correct breathing should present no problems, it should be one of the most natural things we do ,unfortunately due to incorrect posture and lack of suitable exercise, our breathing is of such poor quality that it does little more for us than keep us alive. Pranayama The Science of Breath is one of the limbs of Hatha yoga, there are many different breathing techniques used within yoga each having their own benefit.

Intelligent control of breathing will increase our vitality and lengthen our lives

                                       Breath is Life, to Live is to Breathe       NAMASTE